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Participate conference, Wed 25th March

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Participate: Harnessing cultural value in tough economic times

Belfast City Council presents Participate, a one day conference aimed at the cultural sector on Wednesday 25th March 2009, in the Elmwood Hall, University Road, Belfast, from 9am - 5pm.

Facilitated by BBC’s Marie-Louise Muir (Arts Extra), Participate will question and explore how the value of culture and arts impacts on the regeneration of Belfast.
Motivational speakers include:

Paul Collard

Can we afford the arts anymore?
Paul Collard is National Director of Creative Partnerships and he commissioned the ‘Angel of the north’ sculpture in Newcastle-on-Tyne. He has 25 years experience of working in the arts and is an expert in delivering programmes that use creativity and culture as drivers of social and economic change.

How we value arts and culture
John Holden, an associate at the independent think tank Demos and a visiting professor at City University, London. He has been involved in numerous major projects with the cultural sector ranging across heritage, libraries, music, museums, the performing arts and the moving image.

Wolfgang Buttress, internationally renowned artist and commissioned by Belfast City Council for the landmark sculpture ‘Rise’ at Broadway roundabout in Belfast. Wolfgang will speak in conversation with Marie-Louise Muir about his monumental sculpture of 37.5m high which uses the principles and forms of Geodesic dome and is due to be completed by summer 2009. The sculpture will create a more attractive Belfast for its citizens.

The public value of cultural events
Greg Richards is a partner with Tourism Research and Marketing (TRAM), a consultancy specialising in tourism and events. He has worked extensively on the analysis and development of cultural and creative tourism in cities such as Barcelona, Edinburgh and Amsterdam.

BJ Cunningham is a serial entrepreneur and council member of Superbrands. He shows how authenticity is vital to build and retain customer loyalty and set up a brand marketing agency with major international clients. “Politically incorrect and electrifying. Our delegates loved him” - PR Week

Places are free but should be booked in advance. To book a place, please email [email protected] or tel: (028) 9091 8734.

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