Saturday, 14 February 2009

MIMOA - Mi Modern Architecture

MIMOA is a really excellent resource for modern architecture around the world, taking advantage of some of the best web 2.0 functionality including Google Maps, user-generated content and customisation, and multimedia in the form of photos and video.

The idea is to pinpoint examples of great modern architecture around the world, explaining the history of the buildings and letting the user build up their own guide for sites to visit, which is downloadable as a PDF.

Here at PLACE, we're also planning to make use of Google Maps in the near future - more on those projects soon.

Meanwhile, you can read a bit more about MIMOA here (that blog also has loads more examples of Google Maps in action), and you might note that Northern Ireland is pretty poorly documented on MIMOA at present, with just the Falls Leisure Centre in Belfast included so far, so if you know of more examples of modern architecture the rest of the world should know about, get going!

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